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Antique Items

Beautify like never before...!! Light up the interiors with plethora of Antique Items that are not only durable but alluring. Associated with a high level of craftsmanship, these items helps in representing the frame of time and ages that has been witnessed by the human society. These are perfect choice for the people who want to fetch compliments for their taste and interior.

Decorative Items

Showcasing Decorative Items that brings back the era by including vintage style in everything. The mentioned collection is uniquely designed for not only fulfilling the daily requirements but rendering a magnificent look to the places. These items can make a difference to any interior or exterior by creating a beautiful impression on the owner and visitor both.

Nautical Compasses

Sailors often find it difficult to navigate the direction during nights, storms, etc. In order to overcome these problems, they used compasses for reaching their destinations safely. Uniquely designed Nautical Compasses not only helps in aiding the directional problems but can be employed as a decorative piece also. When it comes to decorative articles of vintage, this item ages best.

Antique Crockery

The choice of crockery during the hosting of dinner or lunch determines how the meal will go. A wonderful palette always ensure that food not only fills the stomach but soul. For the people who like to decorate their dining table in a distinguished way, we offer Antique Crockery for them to lend them a royal and classic touch while they eat their meals.

Wooden games

Almost each child holds a special place in its heart for the Wooden Games. In this modern world, everyone of us remain in a sense of nostalgia and cherish the time when we used to play games. With our offered collection, not only children but adults can also play and cherish their childhood time. Made from high quality wood, the mentioned range lasts longer than it appears.

Musical Instruments

No matter what your buying requirement is, we offer you the luxury to choose from an ample array of Musical Instruments. These instruments can be classified on the basis of their levels to play them. Be it a beginner or a pro in the field of music, this collection is an ultimate solution for the people who are passionate about music.

Old Telephones

For all the vintage item lovers, we render plethora of Old Telephones that are not only functional but lend a classic touch to any interior. This array is the perfect choice for the people who are looking for bringing a piece of history into their workplace or home. With our offered variety of styles, people can easily pick the one to enhance the interior of their place.

Antique Clocks

Opt from our offered ample array of Antique Clocks for staying distinct and stylish with decor choices. Captivating and trendy, the mentioned range helps people in adding a new appearance to the wall. Be it contemporary or retro, these clocks are crafted are perfect for lending an elegant touch to the home decor.

Old Gramophones

Spruce up any interior by our offered collection of Old Gramophones that are perfectly styled for rendering a retro-modern look to the place. This is one of the best range for the vintage lovers who desire to lend classic and captivating appeal to the living room. Being made from top rank metal, the mentioned collection is highly durable than it appears.

Magnifying Glass

For centuries, Magnifying Glass has been in use to magnify the smaller images and lighting up fires. Depending upon the type of application, it can availed in a variety of configurations, forms and material such as crystal lenses, plastics or glass lenses. Our offered range is ideal for grandparents who want to read bed time stories to their grandchildren and beat macular degeneration.


Bring yourself a whole new world with our versatile range of telescopes that helps in exposing people to the world of wonders during night. The mentioned range is not only useful for adults but for children above the age of eight as it helps in expanding their viewing experience and learn new concepts. This is an ultimate solution for the people who have passion for astro-photography or astronomy.


Surprise the one that is close to your heart by placing beautiful red or pink carnations in our offered captivating collection of Vases. Apart from finding their usage as a flower vase, this collection can also be used a stand alone piece of decoration in living room, bedroom or gallery that would render a pleasant look.

Candle Holders & Votives

Opt for a breath-taking and suitable base for the candles from an ample collection of Candle Holders & Votives. Designed for complementing any type of candle, these holders help in creating a relaxation ambiance to the space. Place them in a living room or bedroom to enhance the beauty of the interior by finding the preferred size, pattern, material or color from the mentioned range.

Beaded Jewelry

For over centuries, Beaded Jewelry has find its place in the hearts of woman and in this modern world, this kind of jewelry has become a major fashion trend for the people around the globe. Based on unique designs and style, our offered collection is loved by women of all the age groups. It is an ideal choice for the people who want to present an elegant yet less expensive gift to their loved ones.

Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry Boxes not only help women for storing their precious jewelry items but over centuries these have been used as a perfect gift item. These boxes are an ideal option for gents who want to present a gift to their sisters, wives or mothers that can be treasured for lifetime. The mentioned range render women a stylish way of keeping their jewelry in an organized manner.

World Globe

An Antique World Globe is a perfect depiction of our blue planet and its appearance from the space. It helps in children with easy studying of geography in a fun and interesting way. Apart from being a study tool, our offered array can be employed as a stand alone decorative indulgence in museum, workplace, garden or home.

Aeroplane & Bike
Aluminium Fruit Bowl, Tray
Aluminium Vase, Flower Vase
Aluminum Candle Stand
Animal Brass
Bone Balls
Bone Box
Brass & Aluminium Wall Bells
Door Nobes
Glass Bottle, Bowls
Hanger Brass & Iron
Iron & Paper Weight
Iron Helmet, Body Part & Accessorise
Iron Helmet, Goves & Stand
Iron Lantern
Jaipuria Aluminium Boxes
Jgooden Games
Wall Clock, Table Clocks, Paper Weight Clock
Key Chain
Brompton Compass
Sand Timer

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